Hello, I’m SlingGilly

Hello, and Welcome to Devon Slingers.  I decided to start this page just for the joy and love, but soon after I started writing pages for it I unexpectedly took over care for the Exeter Sling Library, which is now renamed Isca Sling Library.

This is Charlie:


Aw.  He was so little and cute here.  Here’s a more up to date picture:


He’s five now, and half a head taller than anyone else in his class.  He still loves to sling ride, but it is for very rare, very short cuddles as he really is too big and heavy for my personal comfort.  And he prefers to travel at speed anyway, with his scooter.

This is Ella:


She’s very nearly one, and has been slung since she was 18 hours old.

When I was pregnant with Charlie, way back in 2008, I knew I wanted to use a carrier.  When I heard it I thought the term “baby wearing” was a bit weird (and it kind of is!).  I had no idea how much the love of slings would take over my life.  I’ll tell the story of my first sling another time.  But right now I want to welcome you to this page.  If you are a slinger in Devon please get in touch, I’d love to have guest posters.

And if you are an instagram user please share sling pictures with  #devonslingers and they will post here automatically!