Exeter Sling Library

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Originally started by Claire as the Exeter Sling Library in 2010, and run by Lisa from 2012-13 I .

I feel very passionate about slings, but am also very aware of my limitations – I am a busy single Mum of two, with no car, very little storage, and an out of hand sling stash before the library even came to live here too!  I am by no means an expert, and am very much learning myself.  But I want to do what I can to help and enable people in Exeter to carry babies with comfort and joy!

Slings available to hire 

(To learn more about the different types of carrier read HERE)


Soft Structured Carriers

Manduca (black with silver flower embroidery)   (birth to toddler)

Manduca (red) (birth to toddler)

Boba 3G (birth to toddler)

Ergo (with infant insert also available) (birth to toddler)

Boba Air (super lightweight carrier) (15lb to toddler)

Tula (Standard/baby)

Rose and Rebellion (Baby)

Scootababy (hip carrier) (4-6 months to toddler)

Lillebaby (birth to toddler)


Toddler ABC



Napsack baby – green and black plain standard Mei Tai, slightly flared straps.

Hopp Tye – black , with “wrap straps”  (to toddler)

Kozy carrier



Size 4 – 3.6m Little Frog (cream coloured)

Size 5 – 4.2m Hungarian blue/brown wrap          

Size 6 – 4.7m Amazonas purple wrap

Size 6 –  4.7m Hoppediz Timbuktu wrap

Size 6 – 4.7m Hoppediz Paris (red) wrap

Medium (approx size 6) Calin Bleu black gauze

Medium (approx size 6) Calin Bleu cream gauze

Victoria Sling Lady hybrid with owl panel – dark blue – extra long, extra wide wrap.



Cotton-drill navy with pattern

Calin Bleu ring sling in sky blue



Moby – red

Moby – navy

Moby – teal

Moby – light green

Moby – cream with flowers

Boba – brown

Kari Me – burgundy

Kari Me – navy

Snugiwrap – black

Calin Bleu – red – fleece wrap with purple fleece panel



Small pouch

Grey Baba sling.


At any one time at least half of these are on hire.  We hire for two weeks at a time, with a £6 hire charge.  We also ask for a deposit which is returned to you when the carrier is returned.  For stretchy wraps only we also offer a 3 month hire for £15.


If you are interested in hiring or want to know more about the library please contact me via Facebook or on iscaslinglibrary@gmail.com
“Like” the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isca-Sling-Library-Exeter/220984498067686?fref=ts
And join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/378954708812796/?fref=ts


And by the way, if you love our logo contact https://www.facebook.com/CardsbyKay?fref=ts  She is an amazingly talented Exeter Mama, and can draw you a personalised BWing (or other) design.

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